Holding company of financial, industrial and service investments, held by the Spada and Franzini families.


The company was founded in Brescia in 1982, where it still has its registered office today.
Currently, it is managed by the second and third generation, who have transformed the organization into a Family Office focusing on private equity investments, start-ups, club deals, various types of equity investments; with a particular interest in the world of technological innovation.

The company bases its future on certain fundamental aspects:

  • focus on the evolution of markets, sectors and technologies. Over the years, mature sectors have been set aside to focus on emerging and future-oriented sectors: robotics, coworking, medicine, augmented reality, renewable energy;
  • a long and well-established business, founded in the early 1980s, which guarantees a very high rating and excellent creditworthiness;
  • flexibility; the company has operated successfully in a broad range of totally unrelated sectors to each other;
  • inclination towards foreign investments, experience gained over years of managing assets abroad;
  • rapid assessment: a streamlined organization with reduced hierarchical levels enables targeted analysis with no wasted time.


Palazzo Fumagalli - Spada
Via Callegari, 4 25121 Brescia
T +39 030 47476